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Best Workouts for Weight Loss-Reviewed
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Well, it depends on two things, any method without them is considered wrong and ineffective, the two things are food control, and exercise.

No other effective method (except surgery) to lose weight has yet been discovered!
Weight loss issues revolve around one of these two, no eating control, and no regular exercise, so we're not making progress!

The most prominent food problems, for example: not having enough protein in food, not drinking water regularly, addiction to fast food, not reducing carbohydrates, not reducing sugar, not counting calories, and overeating.
With regard to exercises, we will elaborate on the challenges that we face, best workouts for weight loss, which will contribute to increasing your awareness of weight loss exercise.

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15 Best Exercises to Lose Weight


We do it daily and it is the easiest of course, and we do not know that it is considered one of the best exercises to lose weight.

The moment you decide to add walking to your daily routine, you are on the path to losing weight, as it burns calories and thus lowers your body fat percentage.

Of course, you can't walk for hours, or long distances, but the best way is to speed up the pace, and gradually increase the distance, you can start with half an hour or a little less (depending on your energy), and the more you lose weight, the greater your ability to accelerate and extend the distances.

In addition to its benefits for maintaining a healthy mind, thinking, and ability to meditate, walking is one of the best exercises to lose weight, as we mentioned.


Jumping Rope

It's fun, isn't it? Did you enjoy it as a kid? It's time for you to enjoy it as an adult, and it helps you lose weight as well!

The jump rope you used to play when you were little, now you need some sports shoes, and practice this exercise for losing weight.

However, it is good for heart fitness, muscle building and growth, and bone health.

So, skipping rope will make you lose weight in an effective way, of course, it depends on the weight of the person, and the duration and intensity of the exercise.

But for example, you will be able to burn about 241 for a person weighing about 90 kg during a workout time of about 20 minutes.

Jumping Rope

High-Intensity Interval Training

Now is the time for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it's another perfect exercise for losing weight.

It works as high-intensity exercises with short intervals, up to a minute, through which the heart works more efficiently, and through which you can burn fat.

The benefit of these exercises is that they save time compared to more effective exercises, meaning that they take five minutes on average, but their effectiveness exceeds the rate of fat-burning exercises for lifting weights.

It goes without saying that this exercise should be accompanied by the appropriate nutritional requirements.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Low-Intensity Cardio

On the contrary, this term refers to cardio exercises that raise the heart rate in the moderate range, that is, do not make the heart work at 80% of its capacity, but rather at a controlled rate, and it is usually practiced with machines, and it is enough once a week, which is as its name indicates. Low intensity exercises, no rounds.

Of course, this exercise does not work to lose weight as you would like, but every exercise that uses fat thus works to lose weight, what distinguishes these exercises is that they are fun, and motivate you to continue exercising.

Low-Intensity Cardio

Jogging or running

Did you see our talk about walking? Did you like it?

Well, here it is more efficient, jogging or running, both burn calories a lot, and to give an example of the average, a person who weighs close to 70 kg, if he can run 10 minutes at a speed of 16 km per hour, he can burn 170 calories.

However, running consumes more of your energy, especially since it is difficult to maintain a speed of 16 km for 10 minutes for the average person.

The difference between jogging and running!

The differences appear in the speed, the runner maintains an average level at which a runner can cross 1.6 km in 10 minutes, and a beginner has 15 minutes to cross the same distance.

As for more than that, it is considered running.

Bearing in mind that jogging has a lower risk of injury, compared to running.

However, running and jogging remains both of the best weight loss workouts, especially for those who want to achieve faster results, but it is always preferable to consult specialists and under the supervision of your coach.

Jogging or running


From another area related to fat loss workouts

Yoga comes as an integrated life system. In other exercises, weights are used for resistance, unlike yoga, which uses the body itself for resistance, which means that all parts of the body are exercised!

Yoga helps in 3 levels of weight loss:
  • Mental health, which in turn is reflected in focusing on eating what makes you feel energetic, and thus moving towards healthy food.
  • Controlling stress, and thus overcoming emotional hunger. A lot of binge eating comes from feeling anxious and stressed.
  • More health, meaning that practicing yoga will make you rush to the gym to build more muscle, and therefore more weight loss.


Here's the information without further ado, boxing burns more calories than running, swimming, and lifting weights!

Yes, it can burn 800 calories in an hour, and no other exercise mentioned can burn the same calories under ideal conditions!

In addition to that, it gives you strength, and self-defense, and balances the use of the hand and the eye, but it is also a general exercise for the whole body, and it burns a lot of calories.

So, it's the best workout for weight loss, really cool.


Stair climbing

You'll have a crunch with elevators after this tip, the calories burned climbing stairs arena that great, but it's not a little either!

If you climb stairs for 30 minutes a day, you will burn about 235 calories!

Of course, you will have to climb the stairs of the Al-Hamra Tower if you want to burn that many at a time, but if we count the number of stairs we must climb daily, and the elevators spoil the opportunity for us, we may talk in a period of time of about 30 minutes.

Anyway, next time you find the stairs in front of you, don't complain and start going up, this may be the workouts for weight loss of your day.

Stair climbing


There is a novel as well as a song, both very popular, titled "Dance, Dance, Dance", which were often an invitation to lose weight, in addition to the fact that dancing is fun, inspiring, good for the mood and relieves stress, but it is also great as a fat loss exercise.

Dancing is a cardio exercise, it keeps the body fit and flexible, and its calorie burn is as good as jogging!

Learning to dance, as well as dancing, are both fun, lively, and joyful.



In addition to its great advantage in reducing traffic congestion, cycling is able to lose weight, do not be surprised when you know that cycling for an hour under normal conditions can burn about 300 calories, and of course, the more you push the pedals, the more it can burn!

It's simple, you can spare your car for a while, ride a bike, and lose weight!

What makes it exciting is that cycling is fun, and we love fun fat loss exercises.



When we say lose weight, you always imagine a man with muscles lifting very heavy weights, there are other exercises that are more interesting, and the purpose of diversifying in weight loss exercise plans is to find what works for you and do it.

Burpee exercises come to make you more excited. It is a type of high-intensity exercise, which combines gymnastics and cardio exercises. Under normal circumstances, it burns about 300 calories in half an hour, in addition to its other benefits for general health and fitness.


Kettlebell swings

A return to the wonderful exercises, which lead to faster results, and what distinguishes this exercise in particular, Kettlebell swings, is that it not only burns calories, but also helps the body develop a faster burning system, and is considered a full-body weight loss exercise.

This amazing exercise burns about 400 calories in just 20 minutes. The exercise does not seem as difficult as other exercises, it may seem a little at first, but as you get used to it and grow muscles, it will become another fun exercise routine.

Kettlebell swings


A return to the wonderful exercises, which lead to faster results, and what distinguishes this exercise in particular, Kettlebell swings, is that it not only burns calories, but also helps the body develop a faster burning system, and is considered a full-body weight loss exercise.

This amazing exercise burns about 400 calories in just 20 minutes. The exercise does not seem as difficult as other exercises, it may seem a little at first, but as you get used to it and grow muscles, it will become another fun exercise routine.



It does not require further explanation, it has become clear that weight training for weight loss is the most effective, this does not detract from the rest of the exercises, but it makes it more suitable for those who want to lose weight, build muscle, and maintain an advanced level of health.

Step-Ups exercises are based on enhancing the strength of the legs. It's not easy at first anyway, but it's very useful and like any exercise, it gets easier gradually.



Finally, this must be the most popular mental image of weight loss exercises, so we made it at the end to highlight the variety of weights, but it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the fastest weight loss exercise.

It is undisputedly the best in terms of results, and we do not want to say that it burns a lot of calories, engages a number of muscles in the body in exercise, develops muscles, and makes them more solid.


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- How long should I work out for weight loss?

You can do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic workouts, or half that number of vigorous aerobic workouts, per week.
Of course, it is preferable to spread these exercises throughout the week for greater health benefits.

- Which time is best for workout?

During daytime hours when your body temperature is at its highest, four hours in the afternoon from 2:00 in the evening are best, however, the moments when your body is most prepared are the best time to exercise.

- Which exercise burns fat most?

There is no doubt that cardio exercises and weight-bearing exercises are the fastest in burning fat, but they differ from one person to another according to their capabilities, so consult your coach about the exercise that suits you specifically.

- What should I do after a workout?

The most prominent instructions for what you should do after exercise are as follows: cool down your body, drink plenty of water, eat healthy snacks, and avoid strenuous activities for the rest of the day.

- Do I need to eat before exercise?

In order to avoid lethargy or feeling tired during the exercise, you should eat food that contains carbohydrates for a period not long before the exercise, because this is the fuel for your body and what will make you feel energetic during the exercise.