EMS for weight

A revolutionary way to lose weight


EMS For Weight Loss:

How EMS Can Help You Lose Weight?


It's a nuisance to our lives, isn't it? Losing weight requires several ingredients, not just about exercise or food, but consistency, quick results, and fun too!

Well, we often run into these problems: I kept working out and following a healthy diet, but after a while, I gave up.

I don't see noticeable results after months of exercise! (Guess what, maybe you weren't doing it right)

It's hard, it takes a lot of time (maybe not anymore)

But on the other hand, we get excess weight, which affects our daily life, restricts our movement, and does not make us do the activities we love!

But what if!

We made it fun, doesn't take much time (just 20 minutes a week), and gets quick results?

Yes, EMS exercises can change your life, EMS to lose weight and get rid of the burden of excess weight on your daily life, and make you enjoy an excellent healthy life full of energy.

What Is EMS and How
Does It Work?


EMS is a revolutionary EMS technology that is safe, fast, effective, and practical!

This is done by placing electrodes on the muscle group (certain parts of the body) to increase its contraction, making it stronger, by wearing a specific suit, to achieve the greatest effect, and under the supervision of experts and certified trainers in this field.

It is a matter of whether EMS for weight loss is effective or not, and in fact, says that it is a revolutionary technology in front of the traditional form of the gym and that it takes a lot of time and effort.

What distinguishes EMS is that it relieves back pain, reduces muscle imbalance, increases fitness, and increases muscle strength.

In addition to its most important benefit, which is to lose weight and eliminate the problem of excess weight without the need for long hours in the gym, or waiting for slow results.

What Skills Do You Need
Before Trying EMS


Just as EMS treatment for weight loss is based on faster results and ease of exercise, it is not about skills to master, you only need to consult your doctor about the appropriateness of your health condition for EMS weight loss exercises, adhere to the instructions of your trainer during exercise, and respond to him regarding Be mindful of your food and lifestyle, as well as make sure to drink plenty of water, and dress appropriately for an EMS suit.

The only skills that must be mastered are the real desire to lose weight, and then you will find it easy with time, and it only takes 20 minutes per week, and a few weeks to see promising results, which tells you that weight gain is on the way to disappear and that what comes will be a loss for weight only.

Are you excited yet? Then start trying EMS exercises for weight loss.

EMS For Weight Loss:
Is it Possible?

  • EMS for weight loss is a technology that helps you to perform traditional exercises more efficiently and without the need for a long time, it is very suitable and helps you lose weight in the simplest way.

  • EMS for weight loss facilitates losing fat, gaining muscle, and obtaining a healthy and slim body, which makes it effective for everyone who wants to lose excess weight in the fastest way.

  • EMS for fat loss too, by gaining muscle and increasing metabolism, and pairing it with a healthy balanced diet will make it more effective and faster results, it’s only 20 minutes per week.

  • Exercising while reducing the calories in your food, will make the exercises more effective, one of the two methods will be useful of course, but if you want faster results, you have to reach a “calorie deficit”, that is, your body during exercise will make you consume more calories, and this is what you create EMS for weight loss.

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Based on the above, it becomes clear that EMS weight loss treatment is very effective, compared to traditional gyms, as it is a new revolutionary technology to save time and effort and achieve the fastest results, in a safe, tested way, and under the supervision of the best-certified trainers.

All you need is just 20 minutes a week, and forget the long hours you used to spend in the gym per week, with the technology of the future for exercise, the great EMS technology for weight loss and fat burning.



How often should I do EMS training?

20 minutes per week will be enough to achieve effective weight loss results with EMS technology

How much does EMS training cost?

At Nexfit, for example, we have great rates and packages for everyone, as well as a special discounted trial session.

Is EMS training safe?

The EMS technique is handled with the supervision of a certified trainer and to high standards, however, EMS for weight loss is proven and safe, and you can consult your doctor beforehand.

Why Do People Choose EMS For Weight Loss?

EMS achieves effective results with minimal effort, and without taking too long, people usually love the effect of technology on making their lives easier, and that is what EMS does.

How many calories does EMS burn?

We cannot say for sure what EMS exercises can burn, as it varies according to the goals and capabilities of each person, but what we can say is that the number can reach 2500 calories per session.