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The proportion of people in the Western world who suffer from back pain is between 60 and 80%.

That is, perhaps out of every three people, only one does not suffer from back pain, and this also means that you who are reading this article now have a possibility that you have back pain!

Here comes the role of back exercises in improving movement and relieving or even ending back pain.

Of course, on the Internet you are faced with a huge torrent of advice and suggestions, no doubt they all come from experience and know-how or at least a long time of practice, but this will distract and confuse you.

So here we will talk about the best back exercises that will give you a great back appearance, by strengthening the muscle group in this area, and at the same time getting rid of annoying back pain.


Back Workout
Training Benefits

Back Workout Training Benefits

Very briefly, we can summarize the benefits of back exercises in simple words: Get a better body appearance
More sustainability of the spine
Building more muscle mass
Back pain prevention

Reduce Lower-Back Pain

When back pain occurs, whether for an emergency reason (such as an injury) or because of stress (sitting for long periods in front of the computer or constantly bending, sleeping wrong), some people may think that returning to the previous position (no pain) comes by lying down and resting. this is not real.

After back pain occurs, strength must be restored through movement, which works to heal tissues again, of course there will be an increase in back pain in the beginning, and difficulty in back workout gym, you have to be sensitive to these pains, do not stop when you feel them, but do not Leave it to be unbearable!

It will get easier with time!

Reduce Lower-Back Pain

Boost Your Bigger Lifts

Boost Your Bigger Lifts

Here it comes to starting with exercises that stimulate the response of the central nervous system, through these exercises:1 - LOWER BODY This exercise stabilizes the hamstrings and buttocks and strengthens the back chain, which is most vulnerable to prolonged sitting. 2 - PRESSING One of the best exercises to start exercises and prepare the body for heavier weights. 3 - CABLE FACE-PULL The best exercises for shoulder stability, whether in motion or at rest. 4 - PULLING This exercise brings your body back to normal because it is in contrast to all the movements you make in your daily life.

Fix Your Postures

Good posture provides flexibility and balance in the body, reduces muscle pain, provides more energy throughout the day, and relieves stress on muscles and ligaments, thus reducing the risk of injury. As for the best back exercises that help you fix your posture, they are as follows:

Child’s pose

It stretches the spine, buttocks and hamstrings and relieves tension in the lower back as well as the neck.

Cat Cow

Promoting blood circulation, the most important benefits in addition to reducing tension in the trunk and shoulders, lengthening and massaging the spine.

Forward fold

The best exercises that make your back feel opening up and lengthening, in addition to its benefits for the spine, buttocks, hips and legs.

Fix Your Postures

Help Develop Your
V-Shape Physique

Help Develop Your

This is a stage that every exerciser dreams of reaching, but in any case, it is not impossible, you only need to exercise smartly and target the appropriate muscle groups, and this is of course indispensable for the Work Out Back Gym, but the important factor is also the diet that you are going on, pay attention to what you eat, it will reach you faster!

Lots of exercises can get you on the track, but the deadlift and pull-ups, yes, they can do more.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

This is how back exercises work. It mostly resists the activities you do in your day that exhaust you Sitting for long hours in front of the computer or relaxing on the couch for hours that may be longer Driving for long periods or sleeping wrong, besides correcting posture, these resistance activities work the opposite of what you are doing, to create a balance that enables you to reduce the risk of injury.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

12 Best Back Workouts
for Building Muscles

Pullup (wide grip)

A different type of pull that works mainly on the upper back muscles, the wide handle pull is the most important movement that should be your exercise, as it will get you to your goals in terms of looks and strength as well.

Wide pull-ups You can join pull-ups, upper-body exercises or full-body exercises, to achieve integration.

Grasp the pull-up bar with a squiggly grip so it is wider than shoulder width Take your full inhale Engage your butt muscles After pressing the shoulder blades push the elbows straight into the floor during activation After pulling the chin toward the bar slowly lower yourself to complete a full rotation, with repetitions.

Lat Pull-Down

Lat Pull-Down
Yes, this is a magical alternative to one of the best back exercises, but it is the most difficult one, so you should include it in your back workout routine

The Pull-down alternative is the hard pull-up which is one of the most frustrating causes of exercise and kills its continuity.

Sit comfortably on a foldable bench with feet on the floor, the bar rising after checking it, with repetitions.

You don't need to stand fully as long as the bar is at the height of your outstretched arms, but you do need to extend your arms to make a full circle.

Close-Grip Seated Cable Row

Close-Grip Seated Cable Row
Place your feet on the platform and close enough in a seated position to grasp the cable arm, with a straight back, arms lowered and chest pushed out.

Place your feet on the platform and close enough in a seated position to grasp the cable arm, with a straight back, arms lowered and chest pushed out.

Chest-Supported Row

Chest-Supported Row
The name, of course, reveals the essence of the exercise. It works to support the chest, adjusts the work properly and strengthens the back. It is recommended in all back exercises’ gyms.

It is done by bending over on a bench with the upper torso, and ending relying on the back to stabilize the movement.

This exercise may be a little (or a lot) tiring, if you find it hard, consult your trainer about the most comfortable position, but you should know that it is one of the most effective exercises.

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift
Are we exaggerating when we say that this is the best back exercise? Opinions differ about this, but no two disagree that it is the most difficult. It may be easy - relatively - for those who are used to it, but for beginners and the advanced level, it is undoubtedly the most difficult.

It's the best back exercise, it does full-body movement, and great squats while keeping the chest high helps relax the back, it is preferable to exercise in the gym under the supervision of the trainer to avoid injury.

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Bent-over Row (wide grip)
One of the most popular exercises to strengthen the back muscles, it's the proper flexion position for the spine which works well to compensate for the constant pushing movements of everyday life like typing on a computer or pushing a car door.

If you're not good at deadlift you won't have good luck with this exercise, but you can ask your back work out gym trainers for advice.

This exercise is like a deadlift, pulling horizontally from a bent position, targeting the entire body and training the entire back chain, fist, forearms, biceps, and a neutral spine.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
This exercise should be a cornerstone when you are looking to build a stronger back, because of the tremendous benefits that help the back in terms of strength and appearance.

Using dumbbells lets you use several areas of your body to do the bulk of the exercise, and shows you the main gaps in your strength and how they can be filled in with this exercise. This exercise doesn't sound as hard as the deadlift, but it does require practice and under the supervision of a trainer, at back workout gym.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Stiff-Legged Deadlift
One of the more difficult (and yet more effective) versions of the deadlift, the stiff leg deadlift, targets the hamstring muscles, though its name pretty much implies that it targets the leg.

A leg training day, taking this exercise into account, can be to ramp up the training pace, activate the movement pattern, and is undoubtedly a good fit on a pull-up day as well.

Settle on the comfortable form to perform this exercise, and you will find its effects remarkably evident after repeating it.


Kettlebell Swings
This exercise directly helps the back chain of the back, swing the bell slowly and start with a lighter weight that relieves back pain, as well as weight loss, but it is one of the best back exercises.

This exercise has become popular in most gyms of international standards, and is recommended by fitness experts around the world, especially as it is easy, but effective and has a great impact on the back muscles.

Farmer’ walk

Farmer’ walk
This exercise is a novelty, and it is one of the products of the development of the health and fitness industry during the past ten years, and many movements and exercises were imported from professional athletes and Olympic champions to be completed.

The health and fitness industry has made great strides over the past decade.

Including the farmer's gait, which is based on carrying weights in both hands and walking with them for a distance.

Consult your coach about the effectiveness of this exercise for you and the benefits of your customized exercise program.

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What is the best exercise for back?

All exercises are differentially important, we cannot prioritize one exercise over the other, the exercises are integrated and comprehensive, despite the importance of the deadlift anyway and any exercise that does a full-body exercise.

What are 3 exercises that strengthen your back?

All exercises are important, but if there are 3 exercises, the deadlift must be among them.
because it works on the entire body and not on one area.

How many back exercises do you need?

Exercises vary according to a person's ability and goal as well, someone who wants general health and relief from back pain is not equal to an Olympic champion.

What back exercise should I do first?

Start by warming up and then doing exercises that increase your strength level. An increase in your endurance level is a sign that you are doing well.