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Nexift is not just an ordinary gym, it is scientifically based, and equipped with the latest technology, as it relies on EMS technology to electrically stimulate the muscles to reach the body that is dreamed of, and the highest level of health.

It's not just exercise, it's an integrated lifestyle, based on a diet, and personalized workouts, so that exercise is available for all ages and fits all goals, at all times.

Here are the easiest exercises, to get the best results.

We want everyone to feel confident, energetic, attractive, and healthy.



Nexfit isn't just your best-to-go ladies' gym, it's a group exercise program backed by research, tracked by technology, and motivated by the best coaches to extract everything you ever wanted to be. We make it easy for you to challenge yourself, be your best self, and do a bit more. All you have to do is show up, and it is our goal to make you show off. MAX outcomes. MAX assurance. MAX LIFE. Nextfit's women's gym only is your best next step.


Technology Based Training - EMS

Nexfit works to create a healthy and supportive women's community

It is the best women's gym only in Kuwait, based on EMS training technology, which uses electrical impulses to stimulate motor neurons. It is a promising alternative to the traditional form of exercise, as it guarantees faster results with less effort, and you will not need to exercise daily, 20 minutes per week is enough for you.

It's a great space to relax, recover, build muscle, and enjoy a full healthy life.


Ladies Only Gym Studio and Equipment

There is a wide selection of cardio, strength, and free weight equipment at our women's gym near you. At specific times of the day, in addition to our women-only gym, our virtual studio also serves as a women-only fitness studio, enabling our female members to participate in instructor-led and online programs in the company of other like-minded women. You can find all the amenities you need for challenging and productive exercise at the best gym for ladies in Kuwait!


Facilities Offered By Nexfit Kuwait


Cardio Area

Get moving in our dedicated cardio section


Group Exercise Studio

Welcome to the place where everyone works out together and exchanges energy.


Free Weights

If you're an experienced athlete, then our free weight section is the perfect place for your solo training.


Ladies Only Gym

Ladies, we've got your privacy covered. in all of our Ladies Only Clubs, take advantage of our exciting workouts and exercises.


Freestyle Area

The space on the gym floor where we exercise with our freestyle equipment


Members Lounge

In our completely furnished member's lounge, unwind, read a magazine, or take in some peace and quiet.



Enjoy our sauna facility to sweat off all your toxins. For the length and advantages of sauna sessions, speak with our fitness specialist.


Strength Area

Enjoy a range of strength training activities in our cutting-edge strength section.



Accessible at all of our locations. Request the password from our front desk staff.

Services Offered By
Nexfit Kuwait

Best gym for ladies in Kuwait, what does he have for clients?


Multiple EMS Sessions per Week

LogoNextFit is considered the best gym for ladies in Kuwait, so you can use all its facilities for the duration of your subscription.


Full Body Evaluation

LogoThe famous Ladies Fitness Gym Nexfit takes care of clients' full body development, so we offer full body assessment as one of our essential services.


Nutrition Plan

LogoThe best gym for women Nexift works on achieving the goal of our clients individually, so we design nutrition plans according to the goals and conditions of each participant.


Personalized Training Plan

LogoBecause we are the best gym for ladies in Kuwait, we have the best-trained staff, we design the exercises that suit your body, your capabilities, and your goal to reach it faster and easier.

Safety and Security


We take safety and security very seriously at our women’s gym near you. You will feel 100% safe working out at Nextfit at any time of day or night. Our gym is watched over by CCTV, and there is always at least one staff person on duty who is trained in first aid and fire marshal procedures. We also make sure that everyone who joins the gym agrees to abide by our code of conduct.

Hear From Our Members

What could be better than embracing our members?! from one hero to a soon-to-be one of our heroes, Read about us from the testimonials of our members



I'm so impressed, it's the best, I have no doubt this technology will become very popular in a while, This is the best gym for ladies I've ever tried and I think I will renew my subscription to it as long as they are consistent in this amazing level.



It is ideal for anyone who does not have time or prefers not to go to the gym three or four times per week, and it is the best gym near me because it is in a prime location in Kuwait, so I consider it the best.



Magician, I'm going to recommend it to all my friends and relatives, I think in the future I will be proud to use this technology and it is still new.



Best gym for ladies, I would recommend it to any woman in Kuwait who would like to have the fit body of her dreams.



I'm getting more fresh every week, it makes my mood better and promises me the body I wish for, and the healthy life I want! I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best gym for women in Kuwait.



My best friend recommended it to me, and I was actually worried, but my fears went away as soon as I took the trial session. Everyone should try it at least once in their life, it's amazing.

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Do you offer a trial class?

We have special prices for trial sessions to make sure that we are the best gym for ladies in Kuwait.

How much does the Nexfit Kuwait membership cost?

We are not only the best gym for ladies in equipment and professional trainers, but we also have the best price package to suit everyone and achieve their goals.

Can I use multiple locations with my membership?

Nexift membership gives you automatic access to all Nexift branches, this is what makes you say "it's the best Women's gym near me" because it will always be really close to you wherever you go.

Do I have to get weighed and measured?

No! However, we advise not glancing at the scale while we collect the measurements so that we can create a baseline if you don't want to look. Results come more quickly when you use our services. You'll be pleased to see your development each time we reevaluate, too!

How many calories can I expect to burn?

With our world-class weight-loss classes, You can burn 300 calories throughout the class. However, since this is a full-body, vigorous workout, you will continue to burn even more calories afterward.

What are the club opening hours?

We have flexible schedules to suit everyone's time.